What is the best bank for foreigner in Granada Nicaragua? What are the pros and cons of banking in Granada Nicaragua?

What is needed?
1. Residency?
2. How much money to deposit?
3. Sponsor or guarantor?

Thanks for helping our members and expatriates living in Granada Nicaragua.

Banks, Money Exchange, Western Union

Important things to consider for a bank account

1. Convenience: bank location, disability access and services, hours;
2. Interest: does it pay interest on the balance;
3. Electronic services: if you think you will use them;
Check clearing: what are the policies;
4. Pricing: account charges, fees for checks, services or problems;
5. Other useful services: such as link-up with savings, charge cards, financial counseling;
6. Personal relationship: courtesy, support services.
(This is very important when Banking overseas in a different language.
7. Does the person speak English or your native language?

Things to ignore for bank account

1. Advertising campaigns and promotional offers
Interest calculating methods on interest-bearing accounts
2. Prestige (image isn't important, service is).

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