Bookstores in Granada

A quick guide to shopping for books in Granada, Nicaragua.

Granada has an excellent bookstore right on the main street, Calle la Calzada. Lucha Libro Books has one of the most impressive new and used literature collections in the region and probably the best selection of travel guides in Central America. There is also a large selection of books on the region, dictionaries, maps, many books in Spanish and other languages as well. They also buy and trade books.

They also sell basics like postcards, postage, photos, bookmarks, t-shirts, bags, drinks and gift items. They also serve coffee and tea.

Lucha Libros in Granada

Other stores in Granada also sell books. Euro Cafe has a small bookstore specializing mostly in mass market paperbacks. They do have a fair selection of books in foreign languages. Garden Cafe has a large selection available to borrow and also a small selection of books for sale. Both are very popular restaurants with courtyard settings.

Most of the city's hostels have book exchanges and other stores offer the occasional shelf of books, but if you don't find what you're looking for at these locations it will be a real shot in the dark. For those looking for books in Spanish, Granada has a location of the Hispamer chain.

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