Destruction of nature in Rio San Juan (River)

If joint-efforts are not made to protect the environment, the habitat of many species may disappear along Rio San Juan of Nicaragua.

The president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, had no scruples in destroying part of the habitat of species in the San Juan River. Building a road along the San Juan River would bring environment consequences. Costa Rica's arguments were not strong enough, and Costa Rica would be held responsible for any likely environmental damage.

Unfortunately, political and economic interests override the interest of preserving the environment in different regions of the world. Down in Rio San Juan of Nicaragua, tourists can still enjoy and listen to nature along the San Juan River, without much pollution.

When building this road on the Costa Rican side, different animal species flee the noise made by machinery and motor vehicles. Loud or strident sounds have negative effects on all forms of life, including humans.

Some Costa Ricans and organizations that protect the environment around the world should have spoken out against this crime against nature or ecocide. In the past, Costa Ricans have boasted that they have a green country; however, what the Costa Rican government is doing is not consistent with international environmental standards.

The Costa Rican President forgets that mother-nature may take revenge because of her decision.
Building such road shows Costa Rica´s discontent regarding the International Court of Justice decision, which was favorable to Nicaragua.

In spite of the huge campaign against Nicaragua, some of the unfounded claims of Costa Rica were not listened by the international court. Costa Rica wants to continue exploiting the beauty of the Río San Juan of Nicaragua.

It is high time for Nicaraguans to start using the Internet and other media to talk about the intent arbitrariness of Costa Rica to destroy some of the habitat and beautiful place in which many species have lived for millennia. Costa Ricans have argued that Nicaragua wants to invade Costa Rica. This is not true in spite of the fact that Nicoya and Guanacaste used to belong to Nicaragua.

Finally, it should be mentioned that some environmental organizations in Costa Rica spoke out about the consequences of affecting the environment along the Rio San Juan River. Both countries should make efforts to preserve this beautiful part of nature for future generations.

Author of Articulos de un Fulbright, so that foreigners learn about Nicaragua in Spanish.

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