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Hispamer closed their Granada location and Euro Cafe closed down their bookstore, too. Lucha Libro has moved to Avenida Cervantes, next to Imagine Restaurant across from Garden Cafe.

There is only one bookstore in Granada (as of Aug. 2013), which is Lucha Libro Books on Avenida Cervantes (one block east of Parque Central). They have new and used books in English, Spanish, French, German and so on. They will sometimes give you credit toward other purchases for your books, but it is not a book exchange. They also sell shirts, hats, postcards, coffee, coconut oil and other gift-type items.

Amazon does not ship to Nicaragua. Delivery services (UPS, FedEx, etc) are prohibitively expensive, postage will likely cost more than your book, and they not as dependable as they are in other parts of the world.

Several local hostels/hotels in Granada offer book exchanges of varying quality.

Thanks, always a good thing to know.

This guy has a great reputation around town. His website is in the process of being built, but he has had his company for something like 15 years. He does the whole project for you, not just the building. He does plumbing, electric, restoration AND he will help get all your legal stuff in order, like licenses, residency. The contact form on his site seems to be working, drop him an email. http://granadaconstructioninc.com/

My wife Lorie and I went to Dr. Jaime Demetri Salinas last December (2012). Lorie needed two crowns. I needed one. We were pleased to find out that Dr. Salinas fees were around 25 of what our USA dentist charges - we received three crowns ( a bit of a rush job, as well) for around $230.00 per crown as compared to around $1,000.00 - Dr. Salinas speaks perfect English (my Spanish is rather sloppy), hes gentle, pleasant and excels in great customer service. He prepped our teeth on a Wednesday. He was going to schedule our the follow-up visit for Monday moening until he discovered that we had a very busy Monday afternoon in Managua and rescheduled fitting the crowns for Sunday morning - he actually opened his office for 90 minutes on a Sunday to facilitate our schedule! His personable professionalism is a wonderful discovery for Lorie and me. We plan to have Dr. Salinas do more dental work for us soon. His office number is 8681-9357- office address= Calle Real Xalteva, Cine Karawala 3c. al Oeste, Granada, Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan Books in English written by Rolando Ernesto Tellez. Dario´s Poems (Edición Bilingüe), The Gueguense, Nicaraguan Constitution, Great Hero: A. C. Sandino, English for Lawyers, Dictionary, Inglés Básico con pronunciación, etc.

Available at Bookstores Nemusa, Hispamer central, Centro Cultural Nicaragüense Norteamericano, Literato, Editorial Jurídica, Frontera Books, Librería Rigoberto Lopez en CCM. Aeropuerto, Palacio de la Cultura, en Granada, búsquelos en Lucha Books, Eurocafé Books, el Convento Sn. Frco., en Mercado de artesanías de Masaya, tienda Melodías y Arte Nicaragüense, y en Jinotepe Librería Santiago. Visite:
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